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LVT floor fitting experts London

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVTs are fast becoming a viable alternative for wooden floors and ceramic tiles at the top end of the market.

Cavendish deVere are expert LVT installers and we fit all over London.

LVT MOduleo wood effect floor

What are LVT floors?

LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles. A superior product to domestic sheet vinyl, it can closely replicate the character, graining and look of real hardwood floors, stone or porcelain tiles. It comes in tile shapes and planks and can be fitted in interesting geometric patterns to create striking floor spaces.

The advantages of LVT floors

A process called photogravure is used to create a three dimensional representation of natural materials that is attached in a sandwich of glass fibre and vinyl layers to give it strentgh and durability.

Products that are made from 100% vinyl material can boast Green building standards and can be eligible for LEED points in commercial applications.

LVT floors are very easy to maintain. A damp mop is all it takes.

And there are more advantages

LVTs are water resistant and suitable for bathrooms and kitchens as well as dining areas.

Specialized wear layers mean it is hard to scuff, dent, scratch or stain and most have a minimum guarantee of 10 years - some have 20.

Unlike a wooden floor it won't fade over time or under UV light (from a Skylight for example) and because it is so hard to scratch it won't ever need sanding. Great for kitchen diners where chairs drag on the floor.

There is a vast selection of sizes, shapes and styles - from lined and distressed wood, to tactile slate and porcelain effect tiles.

How are LVTS fitted and why are they so expensive to fit?

Put simply they are expensive to fit becasue they are very labour intensive and labour is expensive. The floor has to be laser flat - technically +/- 3mm over 10m. This is a very flat surface. The Amtico and most other Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Marmoleum, Safety vinyl etc are all are around 2.5mm to 3mm thick. So it will not be able to hide any deviation in the subfloor. Deviations in the subfloor make the floor look bad and more likley to fail.

Wooden subfloors

If you have a good wooden sub-floor underneath it has to be covered in 6mm SP101 plyboard. This not only flattens it but provide rigidity. If the sub-floor is not rigid enough over time when you walk on it it will bounce very slightly. This will wear out the glue and eventually the tiles come away from the sub-floor. This is stipulated in Amtico's terms and conditions and they will not provide a product warranty without this - or at least if you ever come to claim on the warranty you will not get any success without it.

This plywood / plyboard floor is then covered in either a flexible latex screed or feather finish (which is a light concrete compound) to cover the gaps, sanded and then the Amtico is fitted and adhered to it.

Concrete sub-floors

If you have a concrete sub-floor then a 3mm or so floor screed will (most likely, almost always) be required.This floor is allowed to dry for 24 hours, then it is sanded and the Amtico, LVT, LVP, Safety vinyl,Marmoleum or any other hard floor for that matter can be fitted to it.

Both floors are roughly the same in price, plyboard perhaps a little more expensive as the wood has increased dramatically with recent events.

Replacing the existing sub-floor

It is possible, although unlikely, that when the exsitng top-floor like say, vinyl, is removed from the floor underneath it is in excellent condition, perhaps only requiring a light feather application and sanding. It doesn't happen often but it does happen. In that instance, the costs for the sub-floor in the quote would be reduced and the total cost of the project will be cheaper.

If this is a cushion vinyl it probably won't have been stuck fast, however, if it is another LVT, Luxury Vinyl Plank or hard-floor then most likely some of the sub-surface will come away with the removal and it will need to be screeded again.

All these steps mean that LVT and all hard floors are expensive, time-consuming and require a skilled floor fitter to fit correctly.

Geomteric patterns

LVTs can be arranged in an almost infinite array of geometric patternsto make the floor the centre-piece of the room.

Inifinite patterns of Luxury Vinyl Tile design

When you need an expert

At Cavendish deVere we have fitted hundreds of LVT floors. The subfloor is key on an LVT, it has to be super-smooth and this is where the expert fitter takes the time an amateur won't. We offer a 12 month installation warranty on all LVT floors we supply and fit - that is an industry leading standard and an offer you will not find anywhere else in London.


Our real life LVT installations

Some of them anyway. Click on them to see the full projects

Kardean Black Oak Herringbone patternModuleo porcelain tile effect Moduleo wood tile effect

Fired Earth LVT tile effect Moduleo Herringbone Slim LVT Neisha Crossland Harvey Maria LVT

How much does an Amtico lVT floor cost?

Amtico parquet flooring

Amtico fitting and supply

Amtico still sets the tone as far as Luxury Vinyl flooring goes. The original and many people say still the best.

Karndean floor

Karndean fitting and supply

Karndean - now the largest LVT manufacturer in the market and almost neck and neck with Amtico for quality.

Vusta flooring

Vusta fitting and supply

Exciting designs and very realstic interpretations of natural materials at a very good price point. An excellent choice in LVT.

Harvey Maria luxury vinyl flooring

Harvey Maria vinyl flooring

Dee Hardwicke, Nisha Crossland, Cath Kidson and the Sgnatur collection. A fine range of LVT flooring and we are happy to fit these beautiful products at Cavendish deVere.

Luvanto flooring

Luvanto fitting and supply

Luvanto by QA. Made in the same Italian factory as Vusta. A high quality vinyl product with a wide range of designs.

Earthwerks flooring

Earthwerks fitting and supply

Inspired by nature they certainly are, with a solid range of conventional designs combined with a good mix of the 'out there'. Worth a look for certain.

Distinctive flooring

Distinctive supply and fitting

A high end luxury product in the same category as Karndean and Amtico particularly strong parquet range.

Polyflor LVT flooring

Polyflor domestic LVT supply and fitting

Polyflor is a name inextricably linked to commercial flooring. However they a have a fantastic range of well priced Luxury vinyl designed for the domestic market too.

Moduleo floor

Moduleo fitting and supply

Very realistic wood designs and beautiful subtle colours. A little fussier to fit and maintain but still worth a look.

Fired Earth luxury vinyl flooring

Fired Earth vinyl floor fitting

A new player to the LVT scene Fired Earth have a lovely range of vinyl that not only looks stunning but is also very nice to fit.

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