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Carpet edging service London

Cavendish deVere can provide carpet edging for stair runners, floor runners and rugs. If you need a nice cotton border sewed and stitched onto the edge of your carpet then we can help. We are based in South Wimbledon at Unit 19, Zeal House, 8 Deerpark Road, SW19 3UU. Call us on 0208 135 9452 or Whatsapp on 07723 467 119 and then drop off your carpet. We can come and collect it too or of course you can post it from anywhere.

Cotton black cotton edging on herringbone carpet

Carpet tape binding and borders

Tape binding is the process of stitching various widths and materials of tape to the edges of carpets to create a finished look. If you need rug binding in London, contact us first. We stock tape in an array of colors and fabrics including faux leather, suede, cotton basketweave, cotton herringbone, linen, jute, and even real leather to suit any carpet.

A border sewed to the edge of a stair runner or rug will make it look fantastic. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how tape binding can provide a custom finish for your carpet edges to create your perfect rug.

A red nylong stair runner with gold border tape sewn on

Mitred cotton borders for rugs

A mitred border on a rug refers to a specific type of edge finishing technique. The term "mitre" (or "miter" in American English) typically describes a joint made between two pieces at an angle of 45 degrees, so that together they form a right angle (90 degrees). In the context of rug making, this technique is used to create the borders. When a rug has a mitred border, the border fabric or material is cut at a 45-degree angle at the corners. This allows the edges of the border to join neatly, forming a precise and clean corner that resembles the corners of a picture frame. This technique is aesthetically pleasing and can add a refined look to the rug. It's particularly effective for rugs with a distinct border pattern or color, as it ensures that the design flows seamlessly around the corners without breaking or distorting the pattern.

cotton border edges Overlocker machine Cotton for whipping

Industrial sewing machine a rolled runner wrapped runners

All price are for linear metres + VAT

Standard carpet whipping£4
Standard taping£6 + tape
Double taping£9 + tapes
Suede, leather & faux taping£10 + tape
Hessian tape backing (for natural fibres)£1.50
Mitre joins£5 each
Hand sewing£12 + tape
Blind stitching£10 per linear metre

Additional services

Anti-slip underlay glued to back of rug£10 (per m2)


Standard runner up to 8m (insured)£20

Tape prices per Linear Metre (standard 120mm)

Cotton (basketweave)£4
Cotton (herringbone)£4.50
Faux leather£7
Faux suede£7

Call us and see how we can help you, today. Our number is 0208 135 9452

What People Say

The cotton border was beautifully sewn around my wilton rug after I brought it in for re-stitching. Very pleased witht the exceelnet service.
- Karen P Wimbledon February 2024

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