Karndean LVT Grey Oak effect flooring in Mayfair

Karndean LVT Grey Oak effect flooring in Mayfair

We were in Mayfair today on he hottest day of the year to do a repiir project for a very good client of ours. She had some inexperienced builders in to install some Luxury Vinyl Tiles in this case Karndean Oak effect flooring. It hadn’t worked out and we came to re-install it.

Even worse they had’t even put the screed down properly – in the parts they said they would as it was hollow when we tapped it. No drama. We got on it right away and didn’t even charge extra – we must be slipping!

Kitchen and hallway area 

Apply Green bag screed and latex to kitchen and hallway area to level subfloor areas

Sand subfloor areas where necessary to leave area smooth

Apply micro 500 finish , Re-sand subfloor areas

Apply Karndean adhesive to kitchen and hallway subfloor

Apply Karndean flooring to all areas specified

Clean and clear site on completion


To be supplied by client


Installation Warranty: 3 mths

Anyway, it took 3 days but the client was very happy and left us a really nice testimonial which you can find here. And you ca see the job on Pinterest here. We love these jobs. A nice difficult one to get our teeth stuck into, a lovely transformation, a great floor and a happy client. So if you have a Karndean LVT Grey Oak effect floor to install in Mayfair, you know where to come.

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