Hard vinyl safety floor installation in Battersea hospital

Hard vinyl safety floor installation in Battersea hospital

An interesting but a tough job today in a hospital room in Battersea. Tough simply because it as so hot in the middle of the summer and the room was not ventilated. It was a grey Altro hard vinyl safety floor. But at least the client was happy with it and that of course, is the main thing.

Order of works

Approx 19m2

Apply p131 primer to subfloor area

Apply screed to subfloor area and prepare floor to receive

Apply F44 adhesive to subfloor area and altro flooring

Safety floor Altro Contrax WR61 / AIM 239 / LRV 25 Earth Brown

Clean and clear upon completion


Installation Warranty: 3 mths

About us

Cavendish deVere is an approved CFA (Contract Flooring Association) and NICF Carpet and flooring company (National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers). We have built up an enviable reputation for providing quality flooring fitted to the very highest standards. We are the one of the only companies in the UK to offer an installation warranty on all our installations. We are fully insured and our fitters are trained to the highest standards, examined and accredited.

See our work here: Cavendish deVere before and after pictures

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Hard vinyl safety floor installation in Battersea hospital

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