Grey Twist carpet fitting in Southwark SE16

Grey Twist carpet fitting in Southwark SE16

A nice easy job for us today until we take on a major project for the communal areas of a large block of flats next week. This was replacing a rather old nasty seagrass carpet in what looked like a flat from the 1970s in Southwark SE16 London. The landlord is a really nice guy and chose a very nice grey polypropylene twist carpet for his lucky tenants.

Stairs and hall

Remove all existing  Seagrass Carpet and durafit underlay and dispose

Remove all blank gripper from stairs and dispose

Apply new pined gripper to all stairs and hall

Apply new Primo softfoot underlay to stairs and hall area

Apply new La Pot Pourri carpet to all stairs and hall area colour to be selected

Clean and clear site upon completion of works to clients specification

The Carpet…

The LA Pot Pourri, a luxurious hard wearing carpet. 10% wool, 90% Polypropylene mix for heavy domestic and heavy contract use. Flat woven with an action bac it comes in 4M and 5M rolls. A fantastic and sensible alternative to sisal or natural fibres. This carpet is exclusive to Cavendish deVere.


Installation Warranty: 3 mths

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