Dark Grey Slate Effect Vinyl fitting in Holborn, London

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Another nice job going on in Holborn ‘Mid Town’ as they now call it in London WC1. A really fancy bespoke jewellry workshop with an old parquet floor. Now they parquet floor could be repaired and buffed up to look quite stunning, but this a workshop remember and so really not cost effective.

So, we were asked to come up with a cheap (cost effective!) option to get the floor covered in something that would be durable enough, good looking, but of course within a fairly tight budget.

The answer was a rather lovely dark grey, slate effect tile, cushion vinyl.

The order of works

Workshop area – Apply vinyl flooring to subfloor area

Store room –Apply vinyl flooring to subfloor area

The vinyl – LA Panache Vinyl Flooring Tile Effect 202

Total area – 48m2

Price including, vinyl, fitting, spray adhesive and double sided tape: 1,263.04 inc VAT


Installation Warranty: 3 mths

Dark Grey Slate Effect Vinyl fitting in Holborn, London

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