Marmoleum floor installation in Greenwich London

Marmoleum floor installation in Greenwich London

We were back in SE10 today in the sweltering heat of mid summer. A strange job really because the Marmoleum floor – which is always expensive to purchase and fit was fitted into what can only be described as a fairly ordinary kitchen setting. Perhaps a major refurbishment is on it’s way – in which case it is always better to do that firs before the builders start walking all over your brand new Linoleum floor…

Anyway, the client was lovely, very friendly and she loves Marmoleum so we all got on well and if that’s the way she wants it then we have no problem with that.

The Lino floor was a rather fetching concrete effect and looks great in grey. Here is what we did.

Kitchen area 

Remove all existing flooring and dispose

Apply p131 primer to sub floor area

Apply Green bag and bottle screed to subfloor area

Apply micro 500 finish to subfloor area and then sand area to leave subfloor smooth

Sweep and clear subfloor of any dust to make ready to apply safety flooring

Apply F44 adhesive to subfloor area

Apply Polysafe Standard XL colour Graphite vinyl to subfloor area to clients specification

Apply 1x join to vinyl under washing machine area

Clean and clear site upon completion

The Safety Floor

Polyflor Standard XL Colour 9120 Graphite. * JUST £9.00 M² *

Polyflor Standard XL colour: Graphite vinyl is a hardwearing homogeneous commercial flooring product, combining resilience and toughness with decorative duotone marbleised colours. Polyflor Standard XL vinyl is highly durable and ideal for heavy traffic commercial properties like schools, hospitals, and hotels, it can be installed in a wide variety of areas ranging from toilets to canteens.

Marmoleum floor installation in Greenwich London. Another great job from Cavendish deVere, see all the pictures on Cavendish deVere Pinterest.

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