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Supplying and installing oak wooden floors, parquet and engineered floors to homes and businesses in Brixton, London. Wonderfully fitted wooden floors for bedrooms, hallways, landings, dining rooms and kitchens, fitted in all shapes and styles.

Herringbone oak wooden floor

Why a wooden floor from Cavendish deVere?

We fit wooden floors to the very highest standards - which is why we were voted 'Best Bespoke Fitting Company of the Year' in 2019 (twice!) for the entire London area - not just in Brixton!

We only use the very best, most experienced and time-served wood floor installers. Our team are experts in fitting oak wood and parquet floors, herringbone floors, staggered planks, basketweave, chevrons, with and without borders and intricate designs.

Chevron patterned wooden floor Straight plank fitted engineered wooden floor in house Engineered and fitted wooden floor in London

Parquet style wooden floor domestic property London Light oak finish floor London Wooden floor engineered chevron style

Why have a wooden floor?

Still one of the most beautiful materials you can fit to a floor, people have been walking on wooden floors for thousands of years. A high quality wood floor in your home or business in Brixton can last for many years.

Buy the most expensive wooden floor you can afford and get it installed properly by a professional. You will always get your money back on a quality wooden floor when it comes time to sell your property in Brixton which makes it worth the investment over and above almost any other type of flooring.

Chevron patterned wooden floor Light oak finish floor London Engineered and fitted wooden floor in London

Parquet style wooden floor domestic property London Straight plank fitted engineered wooden floor in house Wooden floor engineered chevron style

Types of wooden floors we fit

  • We supply & fit parquet floors and flooring blocks
  • Engineered and plank style flooring installations
  • Versailles panels
  • Bespoke and specialist wood flooring designs

As with any other floor, the sub-floor preparation is one of the most important factors. This is one of the most common failings when the amateur, the average builder or DIYer attempts to install a wooden floor. We take great care to ensure the sub-floor is perfectly flat so the finished floor looks beautiful, wears well and has a life as long and successful as George Burns.

Herringbone pattern floor Cherry colouted Wooden herringbone floor Wooden herringbone floor

Oak wooden herringbone floor Wooden herringbone floor oak Wooden herringbone floor with border

Wooden floor patterns in parquet

A parquet floor allows you to be very creative with the pattern. The most popular are herringbone, brick, chevron, basket weave and random designs.

Random pattern wooden parquet floor

Requires mixed lengths of planks and allows for a whole host of creativity and imagination as it is less structured than the other methods of laying wooden floors. Random patterns can create beautiful and dramatic wood floors.

Brick patterns

Requiring regular plank lengths, a brick pattern, just as the name suggests is a wooden floor installed in the style of traditional brickwork one. Brick pattern wood flooring can cover a whole floor but benefits greatly from borders or feature strips.

Herringbone pattern wood parquet

Probably the most popular parquet wooden flooring pattern in Brixton Village, Raynes Park, Brixton South or anywhere else for that matter and well suited to bigger rooms but with some clever planning it can also enhance the look of smaller rooms. Herringbone patterns involve laying planks at 90 degrees to each other to create this famous design style.

Chevron pattern

Chevron pattern wood flooring is a variation of the herringbone style. Particularly associated with the grand buildings found throughout Europe, as you might imagine it really requires a large room to show it off. Laid either parallel to the wall or diagonally and often incorporated with a contrasting coloured lacing strip between the chevrons.

Basket weave pattern wooden flooring

Basket weave flooring pattern is less commonly seen wooden flooring style nowadays but making a big comeback - ironically because it is a popular design in Luxury Vinyl Tiles. A flexible pattern which can be produced using most types of wood, created in single or dual colours to create attractive effects. It works well in both small and large rooms.

Versailles panels wood flooring

Versailles panels, parquet de Versailles. A wood flooring design named after the famous Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) in France, where in 1684 they are introduced for the first time to replace the old marble floor within the palace. Not often seen in Brixton but arguably the most beautiful wooden floor design, certainly one of the most expensive, works well in large rooms - or palaces

The costs of installing parquet floors

All wooden parquet floors and particularly herringbone and chevron designs are more expensive to install, for the simple fact that they take more time to install. They also have higher wastage but it does create an extremely stable and attractive floor.

Brixton Village

Oak wood floor fitting and supply in Brixton

These days Brixton means chic shops, cafes and bars, set amongst handsome Victorian buildings, upmarket flats and apartments in a busy, vibrant area of South London. Super trendy with some some rather wonderful wooden floors fitted by Cavendish deVere.

Call us and see how we can help you, today. Our number is 020 8798 3011

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