Marmoleum floor installation at The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn London

We have had a lovely project at the world famous Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn London. Working with the amazing Bridget, Barry and Shaz. Probably our favourite project this year so far. A beautiful new Marmoleum floor to be laid in The Cameron Mackintosh Rehearsal Room. A spacious rehearsal studio featuring large windows opening out onto a small balcony. Something to really get our teeth into and a marvellous space to show off all the qualities of Marmoleum Lino flooring.

And what are the benefits and advantages of Marmoleum floors?

There are lots.

  • Marmoleum can be used to design intricate patterns as well as one all over color on any floor.
  • It is very beautiful.
  • It is made of natural materials so it will not release toxins into the air.
  • It is antibacterial.
  • The estimated life of the floor under normal conditions is fifty years.
  • The floor is heat resistant and it won’t burn easily.
  • It’s anti-static properties mean that dirt won’t stick to it and it is easier to clean.
  • The material can be cut to create borders and other designs.
  • It is 100% biodegradable.
  • The floors are wonderful to walk on and very comfortable to sit and stand on.

Are there any disadvantages of Marmoleum Flooring?

Yes, there are some.

  • The floor can stain – especially from pet stains.
  • It dents quite easily.
  • The floor scuffs.
  • It needs constant maintenance.
  • It is expensive to buy and expensive to fit
  • The floor needs to be super smooth.

We are going to make a video of the installation because it wet so well and looks so good at the end. This is how we did it.

Order of Works

Marmoleum must be left out for 6 days to acclimatise to room

Apply F54 Adhesive to subfloor

Template where neccessary (i.e doors, windows etc.)

Fit 150m2 of Marmoleum Real Calico to subfloor

Time to complete

3 to 5 days


The quote is based on the subfloor being in a condition to lay the Marmoleum.

The Marmoleum

The structures in Marmoleum Real are built up from 2 to 5 colours that are processed together to create a marbled structure, varying from classic and bold brights to warm neutrals.

2713 calico

Thickness: 2 mm

Marmoleum floor installation at The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn London

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