Blue Marmoleum lino floor in a bathroom London

Blue Marmoleum lino floor in a bathroom London

We love working with Marmoleum and this weekend we had a very nice and quick project for a client in Central London. They had been left in the lurch by another flooring company and needed their Forbo Marmoleum fitted straight away.

Always makes a service company nervous when the previous company has run away but the client is a respectable architect and seemed very nice so you have to give people the benefit of the doubt.

It turned out to be a fairly straight forward job but there were some tricky cuts that need careful attention and Dean had to take his time. He is a perfectionist so this didn’t trouble him in the slightest.

A quick refresher on what Marmoleum is

Marmoleum is made with natural ingredients without any harmful volatile organic compounds or other toxic chemicals. The sheet goods are installed with solvent free adhesives. Marmoleum is a brand name of linoleum flooring made by Forbo. Linoleum or lino is a fairly sustainable product for flooring made from solidified linseed oil (linoxyn), pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate.

The great things about Lino floors and why you should have one in your London home

First thing is durability. If it’s cleaned properly and maintained, it should last for years – maybe up to 50 years. It’s excellent for high traffic areas because it has the same colour throughout the layers which means if it gets damaged, it’s enough to use some sealant for the damaged area and it will still have the same colour. Minor cuts won’t even be noticeable.
While lino is a little softer than other types of flooring it makes it a quiet floor. But it does get harder over time as the linseed oil solidifies.

Because it’s almost entirely made out or renewable resources, linoleum is environmental friendly and it’s great for kitchen and bathrooms because it’s water proof.

Finally, it is a very beautiful product, much more luxurious than vinyl and makes a fantastic floor.

The bad things about lino its disadvantages and what you need to consider

Because it is a perfect seal lino traps sub-floor moisture and so the sub-floor needs to be completely dry and smooth when it is fitted.
It is expensive to buy and fit and requires a specialist fitter which is why vinyl replaced a lot of vinyl flooring in the last century.

Here is what we did and how we did it

Bathroom area 

Check subfloor area is sound and ready to receive marmoleum flooring

If not apply feather finish where necessary

Template subfloor area cut marmoleum to size

Scribe marmoleum flooring to size and fit

Clean and clear site on completion of works

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