Carpet repair in Chelsea SW3, London

Carpet repair in Chelsea SW3, London

A small, quick job we did this morning in Chelsea SW3. There was a leak, the plumber needed to pull the carpet up to determine where the leak was coming from and when he had they needed to put the carpet back. The underlay had really had it and the carpet needed to dry out and get a good clean afterwards.

In reality the carpet is old and needs replacing anyway – this is Chelsea for crying out loud. The underlay is positively ancient and it really needs replacing. But the client didn’t have the authorization to spend the money at this time (it’s in a communal block of flats) and so we patched it up. The carpet cleaner should be able to get the musty smell out. Hopefully.

Anyway they say a good job is a quick job. We actually don’t. But we helped someone out and it’s good Karma. Here are the pics and here it is on Pinterest.

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