Commercial flooring contractors carpet fitting in West London

Commercial flooring contractors carpet fitting in West London

A very busy Saturday night with no sleep for us. Cavendish deVere replaces a green cut pile floor in a very upmarket shop on New Bond Street in London’s West End. The shop is open 7 days a week and the only time it could be done was in the middle of the night. Our crew was ready to take delivery of the carpet at 7:30am which arrived well wrapped.

The Order of Works

To uplift and removeĀ green carpet as indicated on schematic

Remove 2 x metal mat wells

Fit green cut pile carpet as specified

Carpet to be dura-fitted with Duraly 650 gripper and adhesive

Work to be undertaken at night after shop has closed and before it opens

Work will have to be undertaken in 1 evening

4 fitters and 2 labourers required to remove furniture and replace

Clean and clear upon completion

What happened?

A long night but a very successful one. The team got set moving the furniture very quickly, pulled up the old carpet and underlay and took them to the van, sashed out the metal mat wells. Once the floor was cleared it needed some patching with the featheredge. Then they installed the Duralay and finally cut and fitted the green, cut-pile carpet. Cleared the area, vacuumed the floor and put all the furniture back. Looked fantastic.

Finished at around 5:30am Saturday morning. Very tired crew. Very happy customer. And if you need a team of commercial flooring contractors to provide a carpet fitting in West London, then you must call Cavendish deVere.

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