Carpet fitting, supply stairs & landings in Southfields SW18, London

Carpet fitting and supply in Southfields SW18, South West London. A small job fitting carpet and underlay to a set of stairs and a landing in the lovely town of Southfields, personally one of my favourites in South West London not far from the Wimbledon Tennis Club.

Anyway, the client is great guy and we thoroughly enjoyed the project. We removed a nasty looking beige carpet, stripped it don to the floorboards, the grippers were in good condition and could be re-used. And then we cut the carpet to size. Striped carpets are always a little tricky, especially in the old Edwardian and Victorian houses of London, of which there are more than many. We did a great job – not just what we said , it’s what the client told us! Here is how it went.


Apply gripper rods to subfloor area

Apply underlay to subfloor area

Apply new carpet to Stairs area to clients specification

Cut required 1.50m x 4m

1 x 8ft z edge bar threshold

1 x double 1 metre door threshold

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