Carpet fitter Kensington, London. Supplying and fitting new wool carpet

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Carpet fitter Kensington, London. Supplying and fitting new wool carpet to a domestic home. A carpet fitting job on a cold, but beautiful and bright morning in one of the best parts of the Capital. A lovely house that needed new carpet in 3 bedrooms on the stairs and landings and a really nice job to finish the week with.

What we did.

Bedrooms 1, 2 and 3, stairs and landings

Removed all existing floor coverings from subfloor areas i.e carpet and underlay, applied a new Primo 10mm soft foot underlay to all flooring areas and then we installed a lovely  wool, nylon and polypropylene Kandesh Ravensbury Twist in 50oz onto the grippers. Total amount 50m2 and the price £2,357.94 inc VAT, fitting, uplift and removal of the old flooring, underlay, grippers and the carpet itself. Not bad!

The Carpet

The Kandesh Ravensbury Twist comes in 20 delightful colours that look great in any home. Looks great in bedrooms, lounges, living rooms, dining rooms and on hall, stairs and landings. This carpet will wear well and look great for years to come. A wonderful hybrid carpet combining all the advantages of wool, nylon and polypropylene. 52Oz weight.

Colour Linnet


Installation Warranty: 3 mths

About us

Cavendish deVere is an approved NICF Carpet and flooring company (National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers). We have built up an enviable reputation for providing quality flooring fitted to the very highest standards. We are the one of the only companies in the UK to offer an installation warranty on all our installations. We are fully insured and our fitters are trained and accredited.

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