Carpet fitter Chelsea SW3

Back in Chelsea today fitting a whole house full of carpet. We are the flooring contractor on this project which is a complete refurbishment of a beautiful house in Chelsea SW3. The carpet was supplied by the client and was from, the underlay is Tredaire Colours Red.

It is always nice working for a main contractor who knows what they are doing and demands quality. It let’s everyone know where they stand and as we won’t stand for anything less we really enjoyed working with Arcadian Interiors based in the Cotswolds. They are doing a fine job on the refurbishment of what is going to be a really stunning house.

So, not wanting to let the side down we wanted the flooring to look just as stunning and I think you’ll agree that it does from the pictures below. It has taken a little longer to get the finish than a ‘normal’ set of stairs, as the carpet is ribbed and needs to line up perfectly,  but never pay any mind to that. We like everything just so, body and border fitting, specialist floors, bespoke flooring and flooring where you just need to call an expert. It’s why we are always busy and we work in some of the very best houses and businesses in London. We are always in SW3 and so you know who to call when you need a carpet fitter in Chelsea!

Fitting of 39 stairs 

Apply grippers to 39 stairs

Apply new underlay to 39 stairs

Apply new carpet (supplied by client) to 39 stairs

This carpet will take time to fit because it’s a ribbed carpet and needs to line up.

Clean site on completion of works


Bedrooms and cinema room

Apply gripper rods to subfloor areas

Apply underlay to subfloor areas to clients specification

Apply carpet to subfloor areas carpet to clients specification

Clean site on completion of works

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