Expert Specialist carpet fitter Euston NW1, London

Expert Specialist carpet fitter in Euston NW1, London.

It is always nice when you have been recommended as an expert in your field. So, the title of this post isn’t too far from the mark. We had a call from a company that had a fantastic new sculpture installed into the foyer of the head offices in Euston.

The offices of the GMB in fact. The GMB general union that is with 600,000 members. The sculpture is quite striking although I have no idea who the artists is. Anyway, for some reason the sculpture was placed onto the floor and the carpet tiles were cut around it. This was a bit strange because the logical thing would have been to place the plinth on top of the carpet tiles.

However, it wasn’t and someone had then attempted to cut the carpet tiles to shape – but had made a very poor job of it with gaps between the carpet and plinth showing the concrete floor. Not ideal, so see below.

20160124_140543 GMB1 GMB2

No-one was happy with it and so they started to pool their knowledge to find a specialist carpet fitting and flooring company to come and install it properly. And that is where Cavendish deVere came in because we were top of the list for specialist fitting companies. Quite an accolade and it pleased us immensely!

But now the pressure was on to make sure we lived up to our reputation. So, we sent Hughie the master fitter and he carefully templated and cut the office tiles around the plinth. The result – absolutely perfect! Look below for yourself!
9bb8a7de6ec24c30a5f2e5bfc7822273 12da6ac6892e67cfffc2eba68b5dd1f3 2104a2da25fd041e43e593898e2a0375 989305750e7868ae6f3caf36ef925741 b435ccf5b639f38894171f22e97d17d2 d7529e09aade0bfc9a65e3641e4b1a3f

So when you need an expert Specialist carpet fitter in Euston NW1, London, there really is only once company to speak to. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help and if you can find us, maybe you can hire Cavendish deVere.

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