Coir logo entrance mat design for Ealing Independent College

Coir logo entrance mat design for Ealing Independent College, West London. It’s always nice to do something a little different and today we supplied and fitted a large entrance mat for The Ealing Independent College.

Of course, the old mat had to be pulled up and disposed of and the the new mat which had the logo printed dead centre had to be cut to fit.

1 x 17mm Graphic inlaid Coir logo mat

2700mm x 1550mm Landscape
Natural base with Red logo design
Ealing Independent college

This was a handmade traditional coir door mat, also know as a ‘coconut mat’ because of course, coir is the fibre extracted from the husk of the coconut. A bespoke mat fitted into a recessed mat well and an unusually large sized entrance – well it is the doorway to a college. The red logo looks particularly striking and works really well.

This is a high quality and will stand up to the hardest wear and tear. It is certainly going to get a good work. Anyway, it looks great!

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