Fitting of a Marmoleum flooring in #London #SE5

We had an awesome  project last week for a  client in London SE5, This wonderful project was to fit Forbo Marmoleum   We think that it looks wonderful by all means, The color on the floor makes the whole project  look complete. And  It looks brilliant and of the course the work we put in. This is how it  went,

Description of works

Apply primer to subfloor area

Apply screed to subfloor area

Apply feather finish and sand to create smooth, flat surface

Template where required, cut and fit Marmoleum flooring to subfloor adhere with adhesive

Clean and clear site upon completion

It took us  3 days to complete this job as to how it looks now,  And we are  happy with the end result we got and as to how the customer was satisfied. Yet another excellent  job by Cavendish deVere! Bravo

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