Marmoleum flooring installation Notting Hill London

Marmoleum flooring installation Notting Hill London

Yet another specialist Marmoleum flooring installation over the weekend for a high end office in Notting Hill, W11 London. We used different types on Forbo Marmolum flooring to create a striking blue striped floor with different shades.

A great job for lovely clients who were very happy with the results and lovely to be recommended for this project as specialists. A tricky technical job with a lot of floor traps that needed to be carefully cut out but that just makes the end result more satisfying.

The subfloor preparation is key when laying Marmoleum

The subfloor must be dry, rigid and smooth. MDF boards or plyboards are perfect for levelling floors. Then the floor is sanded and vacuumed and, if insulation is required, two thin layers of Forbo Seal are applied.

Let the marmoleum acclimatize
Rooms, materials and sub floors must have a minimal temperature of 17 degrees Celsius (63 degrees Fahrenheit). Marmoleum is brittle before it’s laid so allow it to acclimatise for at least one night before installation.

Templating, scribing and cutting
The best way to lay Marmoleum is to template the floor area before cutting it to avoid cracking. Avoid bending the flooring because it is brittle and this can cause the flooring to crack.
Adhering, sticking and gluing
A perfectly installed Marmoleum floor needs to have perfect adhesion. Lay the sheet onto the wet adhesive bed and press it firmly into place, the sheet end in particular. Then if you have enough space, use a roller to roll the surface, first width wise, then lengthwise. Remove any excess glue and after installation, make sure that the room will be ventilated so the adhesive can dry.

Don’t use the room until the adhesive has set properly, which in normal conditions takes two days.
Linoleum Welding
Marmoleum lino welding is done for aesthetic and hygienic reasons. After the adhesive has set properly, which usually takes a day; the floor can be welded using Forbo’s patented welding system.


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