Marmoleum Lino contractor and installation London

Marmoleum Lino contractor and installation London

A specialist Forbo Marmoleum supply and installation contract today in West Hampstead, London. We love these jobs, for us this is what we do best – bespoke, custom designed and fitted and a pleasure all round.

Marmoleum manufactured by companies such as Forbo, is a very versatile floor covering made ecologically from natural raw materials – linseed oil, wood flour, chalk and pine rosin.

And it’s durable – lasts for 15 years. It’s beautiful and as easy to clean as it is on the eye. You can design stunning floors from the palette of over 100 colours, a vast range of borders and highlight strips mean that every floor is unique. What’s more it is warm underfoot, exactly the opposite of ceramic tiles.

Marmoleum product Information

Asthma and allergies are sadly becoming more common and so you need to think of new ways in which to minimize exposure to the causes of these conditions. The most common allergies are often caused by reactions to house dust mites which are found in fabrics and carpets. And so removing carpets and perhaps replacing them with a beautiful smooth floor like Lino and Marmoleum has natural bactericidal properties.

In fact, Marmoleum has the British Allergy Seal of Approval Award.

15 Year Warranty

A Marmoleum floor is designed to last for many years – it certainly did for the Victorian who loved it. Most marmoleum comes with a 15 year warranty and with a little care and attention it will keep looking as good as it does when it is first laid throughout its life.

Who to look after Marmoleum

  • Remove any dust and grit and do it regularly
  • Furniture feet can scratch marmoleum so use felt pads
  • Prevent dirt and grit from getting onto your Marmoleum floor by using doorway matts
  • Remove stains as soon as you see them
  • Remove any spots or stains with a damp mop or cloth

Marmoleum Lino contractor and installation London


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