V4 Vale Oak VIT107 wood flooring installation in Canary Wharf E14 London

A really nice project with a really nice client in Canary Wharf E14, London. We love this wood from V4 and this is one of the most popular products we install, the V4 Vale Oak VIT107 wood floor and we sell it online at our sister company Fenston Carter.

So, here is what we did.

Description of works

Remove existing flooring, take away and dispose

Cut doors to size to receive wooden flooring

Apply new Soundsense crumb rubber underlay to subfloor area

Cut and fit wooden to shape allowing expansion gaps in standard straight plank pattern

Cut and apply new scotia to all areas

Apply T bar to lounge area and bathroom area

Clean and clear site upon completion.

And in fact you might say we:

Out with the Old

First things first, we said a heartfelt goodbye to their existing flooring. It had seen better days and outstayed its welcome, so we carefully removed it and ensured it was disposed of responsibly – we have to pay to get things disposed of as a commercial company. No mess, no fuss, we then had a clean slate to install the new floor.


Underlay, Underlay, Underlay

Before we laid down the new floor, we rolled out the red carpet – not really, it was the soundsense crumb rubber underlay. This magic layer keeps things quiet underfoot and provides a cushy base for the wooden planks. It’s like giving the floor a soft, cozy pair of slippers and makes it much nicer to walk on.

Wooden Planks: The Puzzle Masters

Now came the fun part – cutting and fitting the wooden flooring. We ensured each plank was snug as a bug, with just enough expansion gap to keep things comfy as they shift with the seasons. We laid this floor in a classic straight plank pattern, perfect for that timeless, elegant look.

Scotia: The Finishing Touch

We then added the scotia, those little strips that run along the edges to cover the expansion gaps. Just like the frame on a masterpiece – essential for that polished, finished look. We cut and fitted these beauties to perfection, ensuring they hugged every corner and edge. Of course, if you have the time and budget to remove and replace the skirting boards on top this provides an excellent finish too.

T-Bar – The Transition Magician

In areas where the rooms met, like the lounge and bathroom, we applied T-bars. These nifty pieces make the transition between different flooring surfaces smooth and seamless. No tripping hazards here, just a smooth stroll from one room to the next.

Doors: Slimmed and trimmed

Then we gave the doors a little nip and tuck. Trimmed down to the perfect size to accommodate the shiny new wooden flooring. No scraping or scuffing, the door have a lovely clearance and a smooth opening and closing action.

Clean-Up Crew: Spotless Finish

Finally, we rolled up our sleeves and got the place spick and span. No dust, no debris, no evidence of the hard work that went into this project – except, of course, for the stunning new floor. We believe in leaving a site cleaner than we found it, so the client can enjoy the new space immediately.

The Big Reveal

And there you have it! From start to finish, we took care of everything, ensuring the new floor wasn’t just laid but laid with love – the best kid of laying…

V4 Vale Oak wooden floor

V4 Vale Oak wooden floor



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