Blue, grey and white striped marmoleum project

Blue, grey and white striped linoleum project

This project has taken us a week and a half to complete but the planning process has been over a year. It has been a fantastic project for probably the nicest clients we have ever worked with and so it’s been a real pleasure to see their design realized. And the really great thing is that it is exactly how they planned it and looks exactly like they wanted.

We kept popping back and forth throughout the year to see how the build was progressing. it was important to understand where the doors were going for the rails and the levels.

And eventually when the final design was settled on it was time to start work. The sub-floor was key. A mixture of ply boards and latex self levelling screeds, we took almost a week to get this completely flat and stable. Then the ping lines were drawn out to where the lino was to be fitted and finally the tricky cuts for the vinyl, all of which had to be very, very accurate to achieve the desired effect. Here is  how we did it!

Lounge and hall areas

Apply 6mm plyboards in all of lounge and hall area using pins and inch screws to be counter sunk.

Apply feather finish to all plyboard joins and inch srew heads.

Deliver marmoleum and let aclimatise for 24 hours.

Set out marmoleum modular floor to clinets specification

Remove marmoleum flooring and apply eurocol 414 adhesive to sub floor areas in no more than 2 m2.

Apply marmoleum modular to sub floor areas and fit.

Kitchen area

Remove all existing laminate flooring and cermic tiles and dispose.

Apply 1200 deepfill to holes in floor area

Apply leverlit smooth flow screed to kitchen sub floor area and allow to dry for 24 hours

Apply sanding machine to sub floor area an sweep free from dust

Apply feather finish to sub floor area

Reapply sanding machine and sweep free from dust

Ping lines for setting out of marmleum modular

Apply eurocol 414 adhevise to sub floor no more than 2 m2 per time.

Apply marmoleum modular to kitchen sub floor area to clients specifiction.

Clean and clear site on completetion.

The Marmoleum

White – marmoleum piano, polar bear 3650

Light grey – marmoleum piano, frosty grey 3629

Blue – marmoleum piano, Atlantic blue 3652

2.5 mm thickness

The results

All in all one of the most interesting domestic projects we’ve undertaken and we think the results are stunning. And here are even more pictures on of the blue, grey and white striped marmoleum on Pinterest.

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