Black and white striped carpet stair runner Camden

We had a very nice project today for a funky, black and white striped stair runner. Fitted onto an acoustic underlay for soundproofing. A bedroom in beige carpet and a stairs and landings. A lovely client, a really nice house in Camden and an interesting, nice and tricky project – because all the stripes need to line up!

But the job went really well. Here is how it works with stair runners at Cavendish deVere

The carpet was delivered to the property

We unrolled it, measured it, templated the stairs and cut it to size

Then we took it away for the edges to be whipped and bound

A week later we returned with the carpet runner and fitted it.

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Spare  bedroom  and lounge

Apply gripper rods to subfloor area

Apply felt underlay to subfloor area

Fit new carpet to subfloor area


Apply gripper rods to stairs and landings

Apply new underlay to all landings and stairs

Fit new black and cream candy stripe carpet to all landings

Stair runners

Flooring fitter to attend site, template and cut stair runner to size

Remove runner from site deliver to Whipping Company to be bound and whipped

Return to site with runner and fit (min. 1 week)

Clean and clear site upon completion

The Carpet and underlay were supplied by the client

Se the full picture set here:

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