Bespoke carpet runner in Streatham and Norbury

Bespoke carpet runner in Streatham and Norbury.

We always love a job that has nice transformation qualities. A project where the before and after pictures show how hard we have worked and what a difference it has made to the space. Today’s project gave us just that. A really interesting carpet runner, beige / white and black stripes and a black border on a relatively straight forward straight run of stairs. Unusal but striking design.

Dean the Wizard took this one on. All the way from Winchmore Hill down to Streatham Common SW16  (an area that is coming up in the World). We are very lucky to have him, he is very talented but most importantly he is a complete perfectionist and won’t leave until everything is perfect. It means he works late a lot of the time!

A quick synopsis of the job. The client was very happy and so were we when we saw the pictures.

Description of work proposed
Stairs and landing

Apply gripperrods to all stairs and landing

Apply Underlay to stairs and landing

Apply bespoke Carpet to stairs and landing to clients specification

Clean and clear site upon completion of works

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