Amtico Spacia Traditional Oak Herringbone floor Clapham SW4 London

Amtico Spacia Traditional Oak Herringbone floor Clapham SW4 London

A long week this one but a great client and a very satisfying project. The hardest part was clearing the floor. The original floor had lots of adhesive which took the boys a long time to clean off. It will keep them fit though 🙂

Once all the adhesive was up (you have to get it up otherwise it reacts with the screed), we then primed the floor and covered it with latex floor screed. After that it was sanded to within an inch of its life to make it super smooth with the dixie machine. Only then were we ready to start fitting the Amtico. Generally, we don’t like Amtico. We don;t have an account with them because they wanted to put a silly sized stand in the shop so it would look like an Amtico franchise. Not for us, we are totally independent. But the client really like this product and we have to admit it does look awesome in this herringbone pattern because she has the space.

As you can see from the images it look stunning. Always tricky to fit because you have to get it right at the start or the pattern goes AWOL and you have problems. And it takes a while to fit but that’s why we are the best flooring company in London (won 2 awards this years, more to follow on that).

All in all a lovely project, a great client and everyone is happy all around.

Here is how it went.

Description of works

Remove existing ceramic flooring, take away and dispose

Apply primer to subfloor area. Apply screed to subfloor area and sand

Apply feather finish and sand again to create smooth, flat surface

Cut and fit Luxury Vinyl Amtico Spacia Traditonal Oak Parquet Flooring to subfloor adhere with adhesive

Clean and clear site upon completion

The LVT 

Spacia Traditional Oak SS5W2514  101.6mm  x 914.4mm

Box size 2.5m.

21 boxes ordered total 52.5m.

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