Amtico fitter in Crystal Palace SE19 South East London

Another great job today in our back yard, Crystal Place SE19 South East London. We fitted some rather beautiful Amtico Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) into a wonderful home. So what is Amtico and why is it so great and so well, expensive?

Amtico is the very best LVT you can buy made in the great city of Coventry in the UK. Karndean, another very good (but not wuite as good) product is actually made in China. Those who have impeccable taste and style and large wallets choose Amtico.

The main differences between the to and what makes Amtico the ultimate Luxury Vinyl Tile is the wear layer (the top part of the tile) and the actual composition of the products, themselves.

Amtico uses ‘Virgin PVC’ which as the name implies has never been used before. Karndean is mostly a recycled plastic product which have been melted down, plasticizers added (this a liquid to soften it out and make it easier to re-mould) hence the product is generally softer and thus easier to mark and scratch than Amtico.

Both products have an image attached to the top which makes it look like stone and wood. However, Amtico use a high quality Kodak photographic film and not a paper print giving it greater depth and definition.

Ceramic pellets also added to the Polyurethene Top Layer. This enhances the look of the floor by matting the colours much as a natural product would look. Karndean can look a little glossier (but Karndean is still a fine product).

Anyway, to the flooring. See the pictures of how great it looks for yourself!

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Amtico fitter in Crystal Palace SE19 South East London

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