Bespoke designed, hand-woven wool carpet supplied and fitted in Fitzrovia London

We are lucky at Cavendish deVere because we get to do such varied and interesting flooring jobs every month, And this month has been no exception. Way back in 2017 we were commissioned to design a carpet for the communal areas of a block of apartments in Fitzrovia, London. The budget was £250,000 so it was always going to be an exciting project. This is stage one. There are 2 more stages to go.

But the specification was so vague that we really worked very hard to get to the bottom of what the client wanted. In the end  we decided that it would be a wool carpet, completely unique, tough enough to withstand the impact of hundreds of people waking over it every week, easily cleanable but most of all beautiful.

Off we went, designing and creating samples for approval until at last six months later they finally settled on the one they wanted. And a beautiful carpet it was. Still we had to get our team in India to make it bespoke, it was hand-woven, shipped to Holland for final quality control and eventually landing in London and to our warehouse. Where we had to store it for several weeks because the refurbishment from the main contractor was several weeks behind.

In the end we had to spend several weeks getting the subfloor to the right standard to make this carpet look fantastic against the marble border and then get some bespoke solid brass nosings made to make it robust. It is still sitting next to some very 80s style croet but that is phase 2 and 3!

But the results are stunning and it is some of our best work. We just hop that they don;t ruin it with the rest of the refurbishment…..

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