Wood floor supply and fitting in Tower Bridge SE1 London

Wood floor supply and fitting in Tower Bridge SE1 London

What a project! Lovely, lovely landlord had a catastrophic leak that totalled the floor in her rental apartment. More painfully she had a tenant insitu. Luckily she was also a lovely person and they were as laid back as two people we have ever worked for. They needed to be!

We booked the project lst month and it had a project time of 7 days. Ordered all the wood and materials, all ready to go. Arrived on the first day and the floor was still wet. Downer! The tenant was moving out into an Airbnb. She was great about it as was the client. Obviously this can be stressful for everyone – us included, but we just had to wait until it had all dried out.

A check was performed to ensure it was just residential moisture from the leak and we popped in every other day to take a moisture reading. Luckily, it dried out pretty quickly – well two weeks. So we started the whole process again.

Opened up the wood and it was almost white. Correct order though and the one she had ordered but we knew she said she like the warm coloured woods, so we called her and sent her a picture. Noooooo! She had ordered the wrong one. Got it mixed up.

This can always be tricky with the suppliers but in fairness ours were very good and took it all back – no re-stocking fee and swapped it for the other one – luckily it was in stock. Another 3 days or collection and delivery. This arrived – as a click! We were going to glue it!

Oh well, we just need to get through this one. Swapped the underlay – Steve had to drive to Kingston to get it in the morning, couldn’t get a refund on the glue though, that’s OK we will use it again on another project.

Started job and finished it in one go this time straight through working over the weekend. Tenant back in flat, landlord amazed and very pleased. Wood floor – fantastic! It has transformed the entire apartment.

I think we did really well here. It certainly helped that the client and the tenant were so nice. It makes everything so much easier and everyone in the team wanted to go out of their way to help them, ensure that they got the job done really well and get the tenant back into the flat. Also, we kept her updated without bombarding her, made the decisions for the little things so she didn’t need to stress over them, never moaned about the moanables and I think she just trusted us to get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

One of those jobs that everything seems to go wrong with but afterwards left us feeling more satisfied than we have in a long time.


The Wood

This 2-strip oak floor from the European Naturals Collection has a distinct colour variation, which ranges from malted milk highlights to toffee brown lowlights. The marbled grain of the timber is punctuated with naturally occurring knots.


Wood species


Variation (Town)

Installation method

Detail description
Naturally occuring wood colour variations allowed, from light to dark brown. Sapwood may occur. The product includes medium sound and black knots. Knots may vary in size and numbers.

European Naturals Collection

Kährs Original

Woodloc® 5S

Here is what it looks like

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