Amazing stair runner on three storey spiral staircase in North West London

Amazing stair runner on 3 storey spiral staircase in West Hampstead. 

We have had an amazing start to the year with one of our favourite jobs of all time! A simply stunning stair runner, completely bespoke and fitted on the spiral staircase over three floors. Really great clients too and a fantastic support team that we had a a lot of contact with over the last few months.

We certainly spent some time here with the design process, samples, measurement and fitting but it has been an absolute pleasure. We may be gushing over this one but we really had a great time here and we are going to miss this project.

Here is how it went down.

The stair runner

Collect carpet, template and cut to fit stairs

Remove carpet and deliver to whipping company

attache leather border tape, return runner to property

Cut and attach new gripper-rods to all stairs (if required)

Fit underlay to stairs and attach runner to underlay

Clean and clear upon completion of works

And the pictures…. I think it’s some of out best work.

The before shots of the plain wooden  spiral staircase

Still a stunning staircase, look at that fantastic metal work on the bannisters

The after shots

Transformed? We like to think so. What a great choice of carpet here and a lovely leather border.

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