Karndean Classic Oak Van Gogh in living room

Karndean Classic Oak Van Gogh in living room

A really nice project in the Barbican, Central London this week. To remove an old floor and re-screed throughout the apartment and cover in Karndean Van Gogh Classic Oak. Hughie and his team took this one on. Great client with a nice tenant that was out for the most part so the guys could get stuck in.

Here is how it went.

Remove all existing carpet and underlay + gripperrods and dispose. Apply level it screed bag and bottle to subfloor area and leave to set for 24 hours. Sand the subfloor area to take any variation out of screed. Sweep subfloor area apply micro 500 finish to subfloor area

Apply sander to floor area again – this is imprtant to get a glass like finish on the screed and improves the finish of the Luxury Vinyl Tile.

Sweep and hoover subfloor area again to leave it clear of dust. Apply karndean flooring glue to subfloor are. Install karndean flooring to subfloor area to. Clean and clear site upon completion of works

The Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Karndean ‘Classic Oak’ VGW86T – For a really classic oak timber look to your space, but with none of the challenges of maintaining an oak timber floor, look no further than our Classic Oak Van Gogh Design flooring plank. The traditional oak grain has a rich mix of warm, variable tones for a really authentic traditional look. http://www.karndean.com/en-gb/floors/products/vgw86t-classic-oak

The rise and rise of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tile flooring aka LVT is the hottest floor covering of 2017. Vinyl flooring has been found in commercial buildings for decades but is now emerging as the designer floor covering for the home too. No longer just a practical, hard wearing, easy to clean solution for warehouses, bringing it into the home the manufacturers have upped their game to design some of the most beautiful and elegant finishes ever. Designs that perfectly suit any kitchen, bathroom, hallway, in any home.

But what about wood floors?

Of course wood is great – in a kitchen it tones in well with any colour, it’s natural and beautiful. But a good one is expensive and it’s prone to scratching, denting and discolouration. If you need to resand it this is a major undertakng in a working house.

LVT wood styles

Luxury vinyl tiles are not cheap to buy generally and they are not cheap to fit either. But they last for 15 to 20 years if installed correctly, they won’t fade, the do’t discolour, they don’t dent and they are non-slip. Very easy to clean only the point of a knife can really harm them. The very best tiles from Moduelo, Karndean and Amtico are a pretty convincing recreation of real wood, displaying graining and nature inspired inflections – just like the real thing. They even come supplied in planks, so they can be laid in a myriad of different patterns, just like real wood.

And what about stone floors?

Real stone floors are very beautiful but, real stone, ceramic and porcelain floors they can chip, they are cold under foot, can stain from spillages and they are very hard – not good for small childen.

Even more so than the wood, LVT can closely match quartz tiles, marble, granite and ceramics – and go even further with more daring designs.

The advantages of LVT

Unlimted design choices
Realistic natural designs
Enhanced durability


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