Moduleo basketweave slim LVT installation in Streatham Common

Moduleo basketweave slim LVT installation in Streatham Common

A really beautiful job in a stunning house in Streatham Common this week. A large refurbishment project is taking place and the owner wanted to get the floor down before the walls had been painted. This is always a no no but she was very insistent. The dust was causing problems and the floor will be protected with a large installation of hard plastic while the garden is completed.

In most instances this would be a disaster but LVT flooring installations are basically commercial hard floors with nicer designs. They stand up to an incredible amount of punishment and remain looking exactly the same for 10 to 15 years. They don’t fade, they are hard to scratch or dent and the latest LVT floors are so realistic it is very hard to distinguish them from real wood or tile.

This supply and installation was for The Moduleo Moods, Blackjack Oak 22220 basketweave slim pack. 40m2 in 3 rooms. A beautiful product, a stunning design and an awesome installation by Hughie’s team.

It began with multiple applications of primer over the builders screed and then a 3mmm flooring screed was applied, sanded twice with the dixie machine, feather finished and then sanded again. All in all 3 sandings, and the floor was brushed 12 times! But the finish was like glass.  In fact so smooth that it could have been painted and polished to give a fantastic floor in it’s own right. But the main event was still to come.

Dean popped down to give his expert opinion on setting out the floor. This is the most important part and all 3 guys made sure that the lines were plum and straight and the floor was started in the right place at the right stage of the pattern,

The basket weave pattern is basic but interesting, the planks are small so it is a time consuming job that takes real precision and a lot of hard work. The guys were exhausted! 3 days of solid graft but the results speak for themselves. We really enjoyed this project! The owner is over the moon.

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