How to fit a Marmoleum floor

A crazy busy month and the end of a great year. A lot of jobs going on at the same time and a really great Marmoleum project to finish it off – with quite a few already booked for next year. I don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we really are becoming the ‘go to’ company for Lino floor fitting. We have fitted dozens of domestic lino floors with Forbo products and we have stated fitting DLW flooring lino which is brand names Marmorette. The last job before this was a resuce project – we are seeing a lot more of those too because Marmoleum is a tricky product to fit and there are not many fitters who fit it well.

As with most hard floors the key is in the subfloor preparation. First thing we had to do here was re-ply the whole area because the building contractor has not used a high quality board and it was already disintegrating. We used a 6mm ply in this caseĀ as we went over the top of it.

So, we got out the ‘no country for old men’ nail gun and put down new ply everywhere and then applied a Feather Finish Compund to smooth gaps between the boards.

And then we were ready to fit the Marmoleum. In this case 4 different products

Forbo Marmoleum 3647 Nettle Green

Forbo Marmoleum Patterned 3633 Pyrenean Lily

Forbo Marmoleum Print 5302

Forbo Marmoleum Patterned 3636 Powder

A beautiful job and some really exciting designs. And some very tricky templating was required in these images below.

A really great job and we thoroughly enjoyed working on it and in an unusual part of town – for MArmoleum installations anyway – Kennington. Lino really is getting everywhere!

Here’s what we did:


Description of works

Cut and fit new plyboard to subfloor

Apply feather finish and sand to create smooth, flat surface

Template where required, cut and fit Marmoleum flooring to subfloor adhere with adhesive

Clean and clear site upon completion
We love fitting Marmoleum at Cavendish deVere. See more pictures here.

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