Specialist marmoleum installation Walworth

Almost forgotten about this blog we have been so busy over the last few months. I wonder how it might pan out after Brexit as a lot of our floors are imported for Europe. Perhaps the British manufacturers will step up to the mark – we still have some – Cormar, Kingsmead, Westex, Jacaranda and Brintons are a few. I don’t know how they will replace Marmoleum though. Luckily it’s a Swiss company and they are not in the EU either!

Anyway, Marmoleum is notoriously tricky to fit but I am still amazed how many companies attempt it – and especially when, as in this case, it was a very tricky fit for a show-house with complex stairs, and walls all without any skirting boards. So, there was a lot of templating!

The client was lovely but at the end of here tether as she had already had 3 companies commit to the project and three throw in the towel. The fourth chap we met when we went to measure up. He was trying to fit off a room – at least he was honest enough to admit to Hughie that it was out of his league! He left that afternoon.

And so we took it on. It took a week but Dean did a fantastic job as always and the client was over the moon. Incredulous actually. I think that she thought that no-one would be able to do it and sh would have to think again.

But that’s what we do. The tough jobs and the specialist fits. And that is why this job can be sometimes be so very satisfying!

Here’s what we did – must remember to post on here more often too. Houzz.




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