A quirky sisal floor in a converted horse box!

We get all the good jobs. At least it keeps things interesting! Today we were working in a horsebox in Kent which is being converted into – well a house. Somewhere for someone to live. All very exciting and a fun project. Sisal was the requirement I suppose because its a natura fibre and in keeping with the eco-friendly ethos.

Although we did offer a faux sisal because real sisal doesn’t work well with water and stains easily and this box maybe in a lot of fields. But hey ho, sisal was what was wanted and sisal was what we delivered and what we fitted.

The b0ys got some good pictures – but didn’t take one of the outside of the horsebox? Hmmm. Here is how it went anyway.

Description of works

Cut and fit duralay 650 to subfloor

Cut new carpet to shape and adhere to duralay

Clean and clear upon completion

Carpet: LA Sisal mini boucle natural

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