Back to 1975! Retro carpet fitting in a bathroom

We have a lovely customer in Kensington. Well, he is really an acquired taste for most people I expect. A grumpy old boy but we really get on with him. Super fussy, completely eccentric, keeps the boys there for hours moving furniture around and back to the exact sport that it came from (and sometimes not even that). But we do all his flooring and always have. Hopefully we always will!

The last job is a step back to the 70s. He wanted his old carpet in the bathroom replaced – with some more carpet in the bathroom. And not just any carpet – a lovely and very expensive
Westex Westend Velvet in a rather fetching Sapphire Blue. We tried to talk him out of it but we knew he wouldn’t be turned. He is not to be trifled with!  But the main thing is he is very happy with it and I guess that’s what it is all about.

And it keeps our skills sharp! Because how many fitters have fitted carpet to a bath panel in the last 30 years? Here are the pictures.

Ensuite bathroom, main bathroom and master bedroom

Remove all existing carpet and underlay

Apply new luxury 8mm underlay to all subfloors

Apply New Westex Westend Velvet Prestige colour sapphire to all subfloor areas

Clean and clear site on completion of works

Move large bed and unit, bedside table etc.

Fit carpet around bath panel as discussed.


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