DLW Linoleum supply and installation Forest Hill SE23 London

A domestic project this week in Forest Hill SE23 South East London. An up and coming area – it must be if Linoleum is staring to appear on the floors here! This week we were fitting DLW Linoleum imported from Germany. Unfortunately not the best experience we have had with a supplier. The lino arrived with holes in it and damages at the edges. As it take 10 days to arrive this could have been a big problem for our project.

Luckily, we managed to re-configure it so we managed to cover the entire area. But I can safely say we will removing it from our portfolio. The customer services were poor, no-one has got back to us yet about it and the guys did not enjoy fitting it either. I think when it comes to Forbo Marmeoleum V DLW Linoleum it’s safely 1-0 to Forbo.

Once again the guys found a way and although it is horrible t fit it did look very nice on the floor. The customer was very pleased – and so were we.

Here is what we did.

Areas: Extended kitchen and hallway only

Description of works

Existing floor will have been removed and a concrete floor will be ready throughout

Apply 3mm flooring screed throughout areas

Sand to smooth finish

Apply feather finish and sand to create very smooth, flat surface

Template where required, cut and fit DLW Linoleum flooring to subfloor adhere with adhesive

Clean and clear site upon completion

Points to note

We have had to quote for some plyboard because we are not sure how the sub-floor is going to be constructed yet. We don’t advise a timber sub-floor next to a concrete floor. You will eventually get a line in your lino. This is something to consider.

Also, the measurements are for the amount of lino required. It is always larger than the actual net measurement of the floor because the way the linoleum needs to run and to account for the width of the roll (2m).


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