Applying for a new electric vehicle charging point in Crystal Palace

We want to go electric. It makes sense for us as we do less than 90 miles per day on average in each vehicle delivering carpets and samples all over London. At the moment we have 3 dirt diesel vans and we want some nice clean electric ones. The Nissan eNV-200 looks like the choice for champions. And you know we are sick of the pollution ourselves, driving though it every day a lot of the time through Streatham High Road which is like something you expect to see in Beijing. An utter disgrace and I imagine it would fail the yearly pollution targets every single day.

There are so many advantages it seems like a no-brainer:

Electric cars, which are exempt from the £11.50-a-day congestion charge and can park for free in many boroughs and we pay the congestion charge every day and spend hundreds of pounds per month parking.

So, I have written off to the council. Let’s see how this goes…

Hello, I have a shop at 58 Church Road, Crystal Palace SE19 2EZ. We are a flooring company travelling around London on a daily basis. We have diesel 3 vans that are due to be replaced and I want to replace them with the Nissan eNV-200 electric vans as we do less than 100 miles per day and I think they would work well and help reduce pollution. However, I have nowhere to charge them. Would you consider installing or allowing someone else to install an electric vehicle charging point on Church Road?


Robert Barney

Cavendish deVere Services Limited


Telephone:                     0203 540 7274





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