New carpet for Kensington rental apartment

New carpet for Kensington rental apartment

No sign of the economy faltering in Kensington as far as we can see. A £60 per m2 luxury carpet we just fitted into a 200 m2 apartment in Kensington. Beautiful, beautiful carpet and an exceptional apartment  – that is being rented out! But then I expect the tenants are going to be of a rather high calibre. A lovely job anyway, except for getting that carpet actually into the apartment which took six big men.

Here is what we did

Bedrooms 1/2/3 lounge and hall areas

Remove all existing carpet and underlay and dispose 

Apply new luxury 10mm dense underlay to subfloor areas

Install new carpet

Apply joins to all door thresholds using heat seam tape

Clean and clear site upon completion of works

And here are the pictures 

(you can see the rest here

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