A grey carpet for a grey day in Waterloo

Grey and cold outside, frightful weather but the show must go on. A grey carpet for a grey day in Waterloo. Quite a big job today but we smashed it with a lot of fitters as we were delayed on a large job in Victoria for in a very nice Regency apartment block.


Sitting room, hall, bedrooms 1 and 2

Remove all existing carpet and underlay and dispose

Remove furniture where necessary

Apply new 10mm underlay to subfloor areas to clients specification

Apply new kandesh primo plus carpet to subfloor areas

Clean and clear site upon completion of works

Job went well, client was very nice and she was over the moon with the end result – as usual at Cavendish deVere, of course. But we are getting tired, we have been very, very busy and we are all looking forward to Christmas! Look how ordinary Hughie’s pictures are! https://uk.pinterest.com/cavendishdevere/a-grey-carpet-in-waterloo/

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