A black and white herringbone pattern faux sisal stair runner installed in Balham London

We were really pleased with the way this runner turned out and happily so was the client. We were particularly pleased because this is one of the first runners that we have actually made from scratch and installed ourselves. That means to say we visited to measure the stairs, talked with the client about her requirements, advised her how wide to have the runner as she has several flights of stairs and they weren’t all the same width. Once everyone was on the same page we ordered the carpet and basically made this runner that we make at our sister company Fenston Carter. Its a Black and white herringbone stair carpet runner. Its made of faux sisal. In this case the faux sisal is woven polyester, very hard wearing, looks like sisal but last much much longer and importantly looks great for longer. And the herringbone pattern is very crisp and defined. We love it and in fact it is our best seller on that site.

Anyway, once we had whipped the edge with a black polyester thread we retuned to site to fit it. Using the double-stick / durafit method we used short pin gripper and glues the underlay to the stairs and then glued the runner to the underlay. It makes for a very resilient, non-slip fit.

With those dark grey stairs this looks like a hell of a runner! Have a look here.

And some very nice images too!

Faux sisal herringbone carpet runner

Faux sisal herringbone carpet runner

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