Flooring contractor Crystal Palace London

Flooring contractor Crystal Palace London

A fairly quiet Friday for a specialist floor contractor company! A few small jobs repairing and stretching carpet in domestic properties and a commercial floor to repair in the City. We had a nice local job in Crystal Palace almost opposite our head office.


A straight forward job of removing an old carpet n a hallway, disposing of it, fitting a new underlay and then the new carpet on top of that. All the materials were supplied by the client, which was budget carpet of decent quality for a rental property due to be let this week.

The customer found us on the National Institute of Carpet and Floorlayers website where Cavendish deVere can be found in the South West London section in fact carpet fitters Crystal Palace.

Anyway, the new carpet looks so much better than the old and as it is a nice sisal effect in a neutral colour it makes the room feel warmer and look much more modern. Flooring is very important in any room and this carpet has transformed the space. The new look will certainly make the property more attractive to a potential tenant and so it is certainly money well spent.

The underlay was nicely cushioned so it is much softer underfoot, more comfortable to walk on and has the added advantage of making the carpet last longer. It will also provide a measure of sound insulation and heat insulation. As it was a hessian backed carpet it had to be stretched and attached to  the gripper.

We always vacuum the area upon completion to make the new flooring look as attractive as possible and with out unique one month installation guarantee – three if we supply and fit carpet, you can be certain that you will always get a great flooring experience with Cavendish deVere!

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