Fitting contract carpet to communal stairs

Fitting contract carpet to communal stairs in Holloway N7

A nice long and large project we have been undertaking over the last week in the crazy hot British summertime. A nice block of flats with nice residents in Holloway. Here is how we got on.

Communal areas over 7 floors

Uplift and dispose of existing carpet leaving nosings in place – this will require scraping the glue from the floor for the new carpet. Where necessary remove and replace the screeded floor and prime.

Apply F3 adhesive to stairs and landings

Install contract carpet to stairs and landings

Use existing nosing (which are in good condition)

Clean and clear site on completion of works

The carpet

As selected by client, 4200 sidewalk is a fine-ribbed fibre bonded sheet carpet.

With a high performance mix of solution dyed fibres it is a hardwearing product suitable for heavy footfall situations.

Product description fibre bonded carpet sheetYarn description 85% Polypropylene 15% NylonSize 30m x 2m roll. Total weight 950g/m2Total thickness 6.0mmWear classification Heavy Contract.

Despite the hot weather the job went really well. The residents were very accomodating and only stepped in the freshly laid screed twice! We don’t often spend a lot of time in Holloway but like many other parts of Islington, the gentrification of Holloway is now under way and it is becoming very nice. Anyway look at the pictures.

Fitting contract carpet to communal stairs in Holloway N7

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