Office tiles in London Bridge SE1

We had a small job today for a design company in London bridge. It has to be said they had a very small budget and so we won’t name any names but their offices didn’t look like they were eating their own lunch. Or maybe they were and they are just not very good! Harsh – but fair I think if you look at the pictures.

Anyway, a very hot day and a horrible floor to cover with cheap office tiles – and I’m sorry to say not a very nice client who supplied their own tiles and just required labour (and treated us as such!). But we have had a good run of good clients lately so I suppose that’s just the way it goes. What it does go to show that style aside, you can make any office space look crisp no matter how cheap the tiles if they are fitted nicely. And they were fitted beautifully – look at the pictures!

So, 40m2 of carpet tiles sprayed with adhesive and stuck to the floor. Looks good and we will be happy to come and fit your office tiles in London Bridge SE1 – if you are nice!

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