Traditional cast iron radiator feet on carpets

<h2>Traditional cast iron radiator feet on carpets</h2>

One of the small jobs today was to fit a new beige flat pile carpet under a radiator in a nice house in Earls Court. The carpet should have been fitted first but it wasn’t and so a plumber had to come around to lift off the very nice white  traditoinal Victorian cast iron radiator so we could get underneath it.

This wouldn’t have been necessary had a little bit of play been left in the pipe work, but it wasn’t and so the system had to be drained down to get the radiator off and on and again. Hey ho. Anyway, our part of the job didn’t take long and the results speak for themselves.

<h3>So should you fit the carpet of the radiator first?</h3>

Always fit the carpet first is our advice. Carpet looks ridiculous if you cut around radiator feet and then you’ll be left with holes in it should you ever decide to move the radiator somewhere else.

A cast iron radiator will sit well on a carpet and because of the weight will ‘snuggle in’ very quickly.  The only thing you need to consider is the carpet gripper whixh sits against the wall. This means that the radiator will need to sit an extra inch or so away from the wall so it doesn’t rest on the gripper.

Alternatively, leave a gap in the gripper where the feet will sit. We are full of useful information about carpets! We do all kinds of carpet and flooring work in Earls Court SW5, London. We are a domestic and commercial flooring contractor. And if you’re looking for a good caste iron radiator in the first place you might try these guys Radiator Renovator.

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