Westex Carpet repair Mayfair

Westex Carpet repair Mayfair

A small job this morning, but these are the jobs we get a lot of calls for. The management company called about a  Westex carpet that had been ruined by the builders. We had been recommended because we have done lots of specialist work in the Mayfair and we’re quite well known. Westex is generally very expensive and they wanted to see hat could be done before replacing it.

So, we went along to see. And happily it wasn’t too bad. I seems a cupboard had been installed and the carpet had been cut short. They had stretched the carpet but not enough to cover the gap and had then stuck down a door threshold. The carpet was now pulling back from the grippers as both ends.

A bit of a storm in a tea cup, but it is Mayfair and people can be highly strung! So, short of replacing the carpet, the only thing we could do as stretch it again back onto the grippers. We put down a better door bar and just escaped having to stick in a ‘cowboy’ bar. These double width bars are used to cover accidents or previous work undertaken by the ‘cowboys’ in the industry.

So we completed our ‘Westex Carpet repair Mayfair’. But of course, we will repair any carpet or flooring Mayfair. If it s possible of course. We are also happy to repair carpets in Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Kensington for that matter too!

By the way, if you can’t afford us – we are among the best flooring companies in London and we are quite expensive but you need some advice on how to repair our own carpet this site has some good tips: Carpet repair Tips

And of course, you can also buy luxury carpets in London from Cavendish deVere.

So, it went very well considering. A nice trip to Mayfair, an expensive lunch and a very happy client.

Obviously the pictures are in reverse order!

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