Carpet fitter Wimbledon SW19, South West London

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Another carpet supply and fitting project today, this time in Wimbledon SW19, South West London. A lovely couple just needing 2 bedrooms in a lovely Victorian house. The job was nice but the carpet got delivered 30cm too short on every cut!

In fact the client’s were so nice and laid back they said that they didn’t mind a small join!

But that was never going to happen our watch. So, we took the carpet back and got some more delivered. Luckily we were booked for 2 days to do it and although the guys had to work late, we got it done in time – because that is what we do at Cavendish deVere! We like our customers to be happy and it makes the jobs much more satisfying when we know we have done a great job – especially in adverse circumstances.

The New Carpet fitting in Wimbleon

Bedroom 1 and 2, remove existing carpet and underlay and dispose. Apply 10mm Soft foot underlay to subfloor areas. Apply New primo plus carpet to subfloor areas colour to clients specification.


Remove existing carpet and underlay and dispose. Apply Gripperods to subfloor areas. Apply 10mm soft foot underlay to subfloor areas. Apply carpet to subfloor areas. Clean and clear site on completion of works.

The carpet…

There is no better combination of value, quality and choice than The Kandesh Primo Plus carpets. Colour: Beaver

A modern range of easy clean, 100% Stain Resistant carpets, in 18 colours suitable for most areas throughout the house. Ranges are updated on a constant basis to ensure that the styles and colours stay in tune with the current home furnishing styles. They are made from the most popular synthetic carpet material, the Polypropylene which is easily bleach cleanable, fade resistant and lower in price; and with a 4 star gold thickness of 9mm and a choice of 2 widths, The Kandesh Primo Plus carpets offer deluxe comfort underfoot whilst remaining affordable!


Installation Warranty: 3 mths

Breakdown of costs
Type of entry Quantity Description Cost Each Total Cost
Fixed price 49 Carpet fitting price m2 inc gripper £5.00 £245.00
Materials 49 m2 Kandesh Primo Plus Colour: Beaver £14.99 £734.51
Materials 49 10mm Soft foot underlay m2 £3.99 £195.51
Fixed price 17 Stair surcharge m2 £5.00 £85.00
Waste Disposal 49 Old carpet and underlay £3.00 £147.00
Value added tax @20%
Total quote     

Carpet fitter Wimbledon SW19, South West London


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