Black and white diamond chequered vinyl retro style floor in London

Black and white diamond chequered vinyl retro style floor in London

A great start to the New Year with a nicely difficult but not too complex vinyl floor for a diner in Kennington. A very cool retro diner designed by a cool designer. The floor was in a state and needed to be screeded which is usually pretty straight forward except this has been a pretty cold winter so far and it has been freezing temperatures which caused a few setting issues.

But we got some heaters in there and left them over night. The kitchen area is black coal Altro sfaety floor with cap and cove for easy cleaning. As the budget wasn’t massive it has been run over the existing tiles, but it is still pretty effective.

And the details, here is how we did it.

Applied P131 primer to subfloor area and let dry the reapplied a second coat and let that dry

Mixed and applied ‘level it’ smooth screed to the subfloor areas and let dry for 24 hours with heaters

Took a sanding machine to the subfloor to make it super smooth and then carefully Swept the subfloor free of dust

Applied a feather finish and the used the sanding  machine again and carefully swept the subfloor of dust again

Fitted capping and cove former around upstands, set safety flooring out around serving area

Pull back vinyl safety flooring to expose and Applied F44 adhesive to the floor

Stuck the safety flooring into adhesive and repeat and once all the floor was covered we weld rodded the joins


Clean and clear site on completion of works


The cushion vinyl

And the pictures

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