Fitting a Roger Oates stair runner in Wandsworth SW18

We don’t fit these Roger Oates runners as Roger Oates have a couple of guys who fit their own. But they are getting on and they are very busy. Roger Oates runners are very nice, very expensive, flat weave runners. They are notoriously difficult to fit and many attempts have been made over the years to get your average carpet fitter to have a go and often with very poor results. Most fitters won’t attempt it and so that leaves a small amount of very skilled floor fitters to engage, thus they are expensive to fit and there is a long waiting list. Luckily we have 3 fitters who can fit Roger Oates runners. So, we got one of them to fit this one. A very fetching multi-coloured striped flatweave runner. And he has done a great job, as you might expect. We sell stair runners at our sister company Fenston Carter Stair Runners and we fit runners of all shapes and sizes all over London.

Striped roger oates stair runner

Striped roger oasts stair runner

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