The Alternative flooring sisal herringbone hambledon stair runner carpet fitted in Broxton SW2 London

The Alternative flooring sisal herringbone carpet

This morning brought us to a charming home in Brixton, SW2, where we had the opportunity to transform a staircase into a statement piece with the installation of a sisal herringbone stair runner. The project, while small in scale, was rich in detail and design, showcasing the unique beauty of Alternative Flooring’s sisal herringbone Hambledon carpet, complemented by a sophisticated black cotton border.

The Stair Runner Project

Collecting and Preparing the Carpet

Our journey began with the selection and collection of the sisal carpet. Renowned for its durability and natural beauty, the sisal herringbone pattern provided an intricate yet subtle texture, perfect for the client’s vision. The collection process was smooth, ensuring we had the perfect piece for the stairs.

Measuring and Tailoring

Back at our workshop, we meticulously measured the staircase to ensure a perfect fit. Cutting the carpet to size is an art in itself, requiring precision to maintain the integrity of the herringbone pattern. The next step was to add a defining touch – a black cotton border, sewn expertly along the edges. This addition framed the sisal beautifully, providing a sleek contrast that accentuated the natural hues of the sisal.

Returning and Installing

With the stair runner tailored to perfection, we returned to the Brixton property. The installation process began with laying a high-quality underlay on the stairs. This underlay not only provided additional comfort underfoot but also ensured the longevity of both the stairs and the runner.

The fitting of the runner was done with meticulous attention to detail. Securing it to the underlay, we ensured that every inch was perfectly aligned and smooth, presenting an elegant flow from one step to the next.

Finishing Touches

Upon completion, our team took great care to clean the area, leaving the space pristine and the new stair runner as the focal point. The transformation was remarkable – the staircase now exuded a warm, inviting feel, making it more than just a functional space.

The Alternative Flooring Sisal Herringbone Carpet

Choosing Alternative Flooring’s sisal herringbone carpet was no coincidence. This material is celebrated for its sustainable qualities, durability, and timeless aesthetic. Sisal, a natural fiber derived from the Agave sisalana plant, brings an earthy yet elegant vibe to any space. Its texture and pattern are perfect for high-traffic areas like staircases, offering both resilience and style.


The project in Brixton, SW2, was a testament to how a small change can have a significant impact. The sisal herringbone stair runner with its black cotton border not only enhanced the beauty of the staircase but also brought a new character to the home. It was a lovely project that underscored our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the transformative power of well-chosen, beautifully installed flooring.

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Alternative Flooring Herringbone Hambledon carpet

Alternative Flooring Herringbone Hambledon carpet

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